First and foremost, I don’t ask anything of my clients that I do not extend to them in return. Some of the guidelines may seem basic to some people. I wouldn’t include this section if I hadn't been faced with some of these issues in the past. Please pay close attention to the following rules. Failure to adhere to them could mean cancellation of appointment, removal from premises and an expectation of full payment.


Hygeine and Cleanliness

A number of these services require very close physical contact between therapist and client. It is imperative that you arrive to your session freshly showered. Also, please be aware of breath. Our faces are only about a foot apart for facial treatments. Please be sure all areas of your anatomy are clean using soap and hot water. For example, if you have been in the office from 8 am to 5 pm, and you arrive a 5.30 for a massage, inner and outer glute waxing without showering, that is not acceptable. There is a shower and full bathroom facilities at clients disposal. Avoid heavy cologne cigarettes, drugs and over consumption of liquor.


I generally allow 30 minutes in between each session to avoid overlap. I ask my clients to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment time unless previously discussed. Please be aware of travel time, distance and traffic. Promptness ensures you receive your full service.


I ask all of my potential clients to remember that you are allowed into my space both figuratively and literally. I am honored that I am chosen to be your therapist, but I also ask that you act with integrity and respect. I celebrate the human body and also celebrate the nurturing closeness and even sensual aspect to your therapy. I am not an escort. This isn’t a sex in exchange for money situation. I celebrate the anatomy in its beauty and I love the energy exchange and healing of human touch. If you are looking for a male escort, is respectfully ask that you continue your search.